VA 2328S - TPBG 2620 Registration - HWL 230

by Bill Davis

My information is limited as a good deal of it transfered with the car when I sold it back in the late 90's. But to answer your questions:

The car passed through a number of hands before staying with me for several years. What I know of the previous owners is limited but if memory serves... the car came to the States first in Texas. I was told that a "dealer" (this could mean lots of things.. but was probably someone who imported cars from Europe for re-sale) purchased it and had it shipped from England to Texas. The next owner bought it in March of '71, sight unseen, from that dealer. This was a gentleman here in Nashville, a Dr. H. E. Rosen. He'd been told that it could be driven here from TX (600 + miles!) if he wished or trailered. He paid cash and had it trailered. He was sorely disappointed. It was in deplorable condition and would not run. Even the oil in the sump was congealed! Two months later he sold it to a Mr. John Sawyer also in Nashville who realized it's condition but intended restoration. Finding an Aston Martin he preferred more, Mr. Sawyer then sold the car to me on November 10, 1971. Neither Dr. Rosen nor Mr. Sawyer titled the car in Tennessee and subsequently I was obliged purchase titles in their names.. having proper Bills of Sale from each to the other.

It was still together when I took possession and over a couple of years I completely dismantled it and began the restoration. The engine and gear box were rebuilt, the chassis finished and I made new wood. And metal for the 'tub' had been made and assembled. At that point the restoration stopped while I restored a J2, a TC, etc., etc. It sat for several years before I decided to part with it.

I sold it to a Mr. Lee Simons of, I believe, Dallas, Texas (full circle, eh?). He too bought it sight unseen. There were a number of boxes and pieces and with panels loosely fitted to the wood. I suggested he arrange for a closed trailer for the journey. However, against my advise, he had it trailered to Texas on an open trailer along with another car or two. I have heard nothing of it since. As you will see from the attached photos the color of the car was green but had originally been blue with blue leather.

The panels were hardly worth salvaging as they were almost completely rusted away wherever they met wood work. One running board had been bashed up badly and there were several dents along with rust holes in the wings. The original leather was still there but not in much better condition than the body. It too had been painted green. When I titled it here in Tennessee the original log book showing about 6 previous (British) owners was taken by the Dept. of Transportation and kept to my great disappointment! I had previously made a copy however and in fact later corresponded with a former owner, a fireman, in South Hampton. I believe that copy is still here but have not located it.

I'm afraid that's all that I can offer. Perhaps it's the ease now of international correspondence such as the internet but I seem to remember little available in the way of spares back in '71/'72 even though I belonged to the MGCC and SVW Register ..and purchased a few things from (a very young) Peter Ratcliffe. Always enjoyed my notes from Frances Adam as well.



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