Metal Bodied M Type 1932

More pictures on 2M3286-1 and 2M3286-2

This car has many unusual features or modifications:

  1.  "J" Type hubs and wheels (Could these have been works installed?)
  2.  Optional 4 speed transmission
  3.  Rear mounted fuel tank (under the boat tail)
  4.  Petrol gauge for fuel tank
  5. "J" Type speedometer
  6.  Very different dash yet has the other "M" type gauges
As imported 1972

2M3286 as imported to USA 1972

2M3286 in New York

Loading the truck in New York 2006

1932 M Type

2M3286 as imported to USA 1972

Truck loading 2006

Loading Truck

Front body layout

Body Layout

Rear body layout

Body Layout

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